Greatest Campaign Marketing Ads

Television Advertisements

Honey Maid: Wholesome Snacks

It starts off by showing several different types of families. One being a homosexual couple with a son, a single father and child, and army husband along with his wife and kids, then a punk rock father, his wife and child and finally an interracial couple with their children. It then goes on to describe that no matter how things change, what makes us wholesome (referring to our families) never will. Then transitions to Honey Maid Snacks explaining how wholesome they are for every wholesome family, no matter their familial makeup. The technique used is very heart felt and makes it hit close to home.

Objective– To persuade the audience to purchase any Honey Maid Snacks because they are wholesome.

Target Market– Any family, no matter race, religion or sexual orientation.

Viewer outcome and action– No matter the familial makeup, what you cherish most is wholesome to you. If you want a wholesome snack, buy Honey Maid.

Amazon: Fire TV

Starts out by having Gary Busey state how he likes talking to things such as a lamp, pants, and fish. Then expresses his frustration about when things don’t listen, especially technology. He starts screaming at the TV to search and find his own name, but nothing pops up. When he changes to Amazon Fire TV, it does exactly what he tells it too. The technique used for this was very simple to go along with the fact that the Amazon Fire TV is very simple to use.

Objective– to persuade the audience to purchase Amazon Fire TV because it is so simple and reliable.

Target Market– Anyone who gets frustrated with using technology.

Viewer outcome and action– The advertisement suggest that to take away your frustration with technology, use Amazon Fire TV to make watching more enjoyable.


Explains that everyone builds dreams houses but when you dream you close your eyes. You don’t see all the little things that might end up going wrong; however, that is when you need a guide. It lets you know that REMAX cannot only help you find your dream house but that right house. This technique was very interesting and has the ability to grab viewer attention quickly.

Objective– to persuade potential buyers to choose REMAX as a real estate agent.

Target Market- Any potential buyers looking for a real estate agency.

Viewer outcome and action– Suggest you not onky look for your dream house but let REMAX help you find the right one for you.


Starts off with a guy waking up in a bed with a hairy leg across him. He then turns to see a guy speaking in a woman’s voice talking about how she knows her legs are prickly but that she just shaved yesterday. Then a female narrator pops in and says don’t risk “dudeness” (referring to feeling like a man). The guy with the girl voice suddenly turns into a beautiful woman with smooth legs, all because she used veet (a woman’s waxing pad). The technique used was very funny and entertaining.

Objective– to persuade women to use Veet if they want longer lasting smooth legs.

Target Market– Women who shave and are frustrated with hair coming back too fast.

Viewer outcome and action– The advertisement suggest that for women who want longer lasting smooth legs, their only option is Veet.


Starts out with three young soccer phenoms in MLS walking and getting prepared to play a game that night. It shows each of them going through their own routines. It then starts playing recordings of an announcer and radio hosts questioning whether or not these stars can live up to their true potential. Right as they are about to enter their own stadiums onto the field, it says “Risk everything with a Nike swoosh.”

Objective– to let viewers know that to be great they have to risk it all and by buying Nike it will help them achieve their goals.

Target Market– any and all athletes.

Viewer outcome and action– For one to risk everything it should be done wearing only the best gear, Nike.

Magazine Advertisements

Pepsi Max

This advertisement shows a coffee cup with a Pepsi logo- this is already telling the viewer its’ goal. The slogan, in the biggest font, says “Rethink your morning pick me up.” Then under it there are three more lines that read “Twice the caffeine, zero calories, all the flavor.” This is in a smaller font than before. The last line reads “Pepsi Max”.

Objective– getting Pepsi drinkers to consider Pepsi as a morning drink in substitution of coffee.

Target Market– Avid Pepsi drinkers and maybe even people trying to get away from drinking coffee every morning but crave the caffeine.

Viewer outcome and action– Gives coffee drinkers a substitute that may be better for them calorie wise.

Clubhouse Popcorn Seasoning

The focus of this advertisement is on four popcorn kernels carrying a small container of Clubhouse popcorn seasoning (white cheddar flavor) toward a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. The slogan reads “Popcorn prefers Clubhouse”.

Objective– to get people to use Clubhouse seasoning on their popcorn.

Target Market– Popcorn lovers and avid movie watchers.

Viewer outcome and action– gives popcorn lovers an opportunity to change things up and add some flavor to their favorite movie or anytime snack.


This advertisement caught my attention right away because the first thing you notice is the army soldier reared back to throw what you think would be a bomb, however it is actually a bottle of Tabasco. The slogan reads “Defending the world against bland food since 1868”.

Objective– to encourage people to use Tabasco so their food will have more flavor.

Target Market– People who like spicier foods or a little extra flavor.

Viewer outcome and action– allows people to be in control of how their food tastes and what they can get out of it flavor wise.

Kellogg’s’ Special K

This advertisement was a little startling at first. There is a picture of an angry girl that takes up the whole ad page and she is grilling the camera. The slogan reads “I would KELL to fit into my old swimsuit again”. Located at the bottom are all the different Special K choices and supplements.

Objective– To persuade people looking to lose weight in a healthy way to utilize what Special K has to offer.

Target Market– People who are looking to lose weight in a healthy way with good tasting food,

Viewer outcome and action– Gives people an option to lose weight in a healthy and tasty way and to get them back into their old swim suits.

Palm Centro PDA

This advertisement is split into horizontal sections. On the left side it shows a person who wrote everything they need to do on their hand and up their arm; at the top of the section it says “Chaos”. On the right side it shows a Palm Centro PDA with a timeline for the day with all their things to do listed accordingly; at the top of this section it says “Order”.

Objective– To show people how much more organized and practical a PDA is, in addition to how easy it is to use.

Target Market– People that have a lot going on or workers at large corporations with a lot of meetings and events to keep track of.

Viewer outcome and action– Shows people they do not have to write everything down on their hand to remember it. Now you can speak into a PDA to remind you when something is and it is that easy to store the information.

Radio Advertisements

Cadillac “Never settle”

This radio ad starts out with cars racing in the background and then a deep manly voice starts speaking. He introduces the new Cadillac sedan and tells about its awesome qualities that make it different than any other car. The end line was “we don’t just take on corners, we take on the world! Never settle.”

Objective– To appeal to people looking for a new car that gets decent gas mileage, has a good amount of room and promises them quality.

Target Market– people interested in purchasing a new car.

Viewer outcome and action– advertising a quality car with great features.

Target- Sabrina Entertains

This radio advertisement starts out differently from the first one. It is a woman who designs things for Target and she begins by telling you all the necessities for an awesome holiday season. While she is talking there is holiday music playing in the background, along with bells. The end slogan was “Remember Santa has his elves, but you have Target and me!”

Objective- To audio-visually shows people all the possibilities Target has to offer when it comes to the holidays and at affordable prices too!

Target Market– People hosting holiday events at their house who need ideas and to be informed on the “must haves” for a great and memorable holiday season

Viewer outcome and action– Telling people what to buy and where to buy it helps them make decisions. A lot of people either have the right idea and don’t know how to affordably fund it or they just need to be reminded where to go and once you get them in there it will sell itself.

Aviva- Paper people

This radio ad starts with dull music talking about how other life insurance agencies treat you as a contract and number, randomly assigning you to workers. Suddenly the music changes and becomes much brighter and happier. When this change happens they ensure the quality relationship they build with their customers.

Objective– Get people to realize they don’t have to be treated like a number if they come to Aviva.

Target Market– people unsatisfied with their life insurance

Viewer outcome and action– getting people to switch to an insurance company that will build a relationship with them and promise to treat them with quality customer service.

Office Max- Elf Rally

This was another holiday radio ad. There was Christmas music playing in the background and elves talking about all the deals Office Max has to offer this holiday season.

Objective– To advertise that Office Max has great holiday deals (specifically named was their latest copier machine)

Target Market-Parents looking to buy their kids lap tops or printers for Christmas and would like to buy at a reasonable price.

Viewer outcome and action– Parents saving money and kids getting what they need for school.

Dinty Moore- Pet Therapist

The product being advertised is Dinty Moore Beef Stew. It starts as a recording and then a woman comes on asking what the test subject does for a living. In a very nerdy voice he says he is a pet therapist and helps cats cope with fears (super lame) then he tries the Dinty Moore beef stew and his voice becomes deeper and he becomes manlier; quoted as saying “It makes me want to deal with dogs bigger than labra doodles.”

Objective- To give people an alternative hearty soup full of chunks of real beef.

Target Market– People who like beef stew

Viewer outcome or action– Buying a hearty soup that is going to make you feel stronger and satisfy your hunger.

Newsprint Advertisements

Hundai Minivan

This newspaper advertisement shows a minivan facing the spine of the newspaper with the doors open. The slogan reads “room for your life and everything in it”.

Objective– To get people to see how much room the new Hundai Minivan has and all that it has to offer.

Target Market– Expanding families, expecting mothers

Viewer outcome and action- showing people an option to fit all the hustle and bustle from their lives in one car.

Fox Mattress Adjustable Beds

This ad was horizontally placed on the right side of the newspaper. It was advertising adjustable beds and showed cartoon pictures of all the ways they can be adjusted. It gave a phone number and assured “handmade affordable luxury”.

Objective– to get people to purchase an adjustable bed

Target Market- people who are disabled or have problems with sitting up.

Viewer outcome and action– making an affordable option of luxury available

Lazer- Bike helmets

This ad is a picture of a guy in a cast that covers him from forehead to toe. Notice I say forehead… it is because he had on a Lazer Bike helmet so while the rest of him was badly injured in an accident, his head was not because he had the toughest head gear out on the market.

Objective– to get people to realize how important it is to protect yourself, especially your head

Target Market– active bicyclers or parents protecting their kids

Viewer outcome and action– Granting people the opportunity to take the right precautions when cycling.

Softlan Ultra Wrestling

This ad is pretty funny. It shows two wrestlers in a hold but the one wrestler is smiling as his head is against his opponent’s singlet because it smells good and it very soft from being washed in Softlan Ultra.

Objective– to show people that even in the sweatiest and most contact sports, time seems to stop when your face touches the softness and your nose grasps the smell good sensation of Softlan Ultra

Target Market– People looking to make their clothes feel softer on their skin and still smell well.

Viewer outcome and action- Show people that smelling good and feeling soft can actually happen.

Timotei Styling Mousse

Another comical ad, shows a lion sitting very proper with his mane, which would normally be wild and untamed, as being cool and collected. His mane is styled perfectly and in a human hair due.

Objective– to demonstrate that Timotei Styling Mousse can tame even the wildest hair or in this case mane.

Target Market– people with out of control hair (frizzy, affected by humidity, etc)

Viewer outcome and action– showing people with wild hair that there is a way to tame it

Outdoor Advertisements


This outdoor advertisement was a Billboard for Ikea. It had a couch to make the letter “J”, individual chairs that created an “O” and three chairs with people sitting on them to create a “Y”. I thought this was an interesting was to incorporate their furniture into a descriptive word of their store.

Objective– To show people the fun atmosphere Ikea provides for their shoppers and that the experience will bring joy to its’ shoppers.

Target Market– People who just bought a new house or would like to remodel and create a more modern living space.

Viewer outcome & action-the ad suggest a more fun living space and more appealing to the eye


Windows Smart Phone

This Billboard was a bright yellow so it really draws in your attention. It says in big bold lettering “MEET THE NEW WINDOWS PHONE”. In addition, it has a picture of the home screen of the new phone with all different applications and personal pictures. It makes the phone seem really cool and easy to use just by showing it.

Objective– Display the new Windows Smart Phone

Target Market– People looking to upgrade their phones, people who are looking to change the type of phone they have (maybe they are frustrated with their iPhone)

Viewer outcome and action– Getting people to buy the new phone and almost making you seem cool for having because that was the feel of the billboard.


This billboard was all white. On the far left top of it there was the Apple logo then the words “IPAD mini”. All the way to the write is a hand holding the IPAD mini with the home screen up. I believe the simple white background represents the simplicity of Apple products and how easy they are to navigate through; the true definition of user-friendly.

Objective- Show off the IPAD mini and get people in stores to buy it. It weighs less and will take up less space- girls might even be able to put them in their purses it is so small.

Target Market-Avid Apple users, businessmen in need of a tablet.

Viewer outcome and action– suggests simplicity of Apple products and make them easier to carry around for everyday life.

Microsoft Surface

Again, I see a white background to display an easy to use tablet. I think this is a common theme because it gives buyers a sense of simplicity and people want that in their technological products. In the middle of the billboard is a Microsoft Surface tablet and the lock screen is a cool picture of a little girl with a wave crashing in behind her (gives the billboard some color but instead of drawing away from the tablet it narrows in your attention.) Under the tablet is a hot pink adaptable key board. This is what makes the Surface so unique; that a key board can attach to it. The fact that it is hot pink accents that.

Objective– to show people there is an alternative to Apple IPADs or IPAD minis that is still easy to use and has a bonus feature of a key board.

Target Market– People looking to buy a tablet and users who prefer typing on an actual key board instead of just a screen

Viewer outcome and action– Suggesting an alternative tablet that is still user friendly and has a key board.


This billboard used an interesting strategy. It was only half way completed and the top of the phrase “Unfinished projects?” was cut off. The bottom read the Lowes slogan “everyday low prices, guaranteed.” This was an appealing way to do it because it drew your attention to the billboard because it appeared to be unfinished but really it was displaying that Lowes can help you finish those projects you never got back too.

Objective- show people there is a place they can go that will help them finish the projects their wives are hounding them about.

Target Market- people who tend to leave projects halfway done

Viewer outcome and action- Getting people into Lowes to help them finish their projects

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Book Report on Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future

Week 4 Book Report on Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future by Gregory Stock

Genetic testing of embryos has been going on since the late 80’s/early 90’s. Arguments of whether or not its “ethical” have also been going on just a long. Some say it’s immorally wrong and that we shouldn’t be doing God’s work; while others agree with the technology and believe it can be beneficial to our society. Whichever sides of the argument you decide to take you need to realize one thing: this technology is going to develop whether you like it or not. This message is exactly what Gregory Stock portrays in his book Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future.

Stock starts out by discrediting Ray Kurzweil’s theory about the integration between human and machine; for all you sci-fi fans out there…yes he means a CYBORG!! He argues that it would be highly unlikely that we develop the super complex technology to safely physically integrate with machines any time soon, Stock states that it would be too complex and that we would have a better chance of communicating with machines through our senses.

After his rant about Kurzqweil he dives into the main topic of discussion. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is described as genetic profiling of embryos before the implantation process. Physicians are now screening these embryos for certain genetic defects or diseases. Stock explains that this technology will continue to grow and eventually parents will be able to select which embryos they want, which will permit them to choose certain favorable genetic features. The author is trying to inform the reader that no matter what the opinions of society are this technology will continue to advance. He does inform us that he believes the ultimate decision should be left up to the parents in the end.

This book gives us great insight into the possibilities of genetic testing and our future in it. Gregory Stock explains his ideas of upcoming options that scientists might tap into when it comes to genetic engineering. He wants us to understand the difficulty our society will face of turning down this type of advancement when it comes to light. The possibilities are endless from curing diseases and defects to extend the duration of life in general. This book is a neutral perspective on what seems to and inevitable outcome.

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Week 8 post of Steve Schussler’s book “It’s a Jungle in There”

“If you care, you are there”

In chapter 20 of Steve Schussler’s book “It’s a Jungle in There” he talks about having a caring attitude towards others. This is so detrimental to not only your business but your life as well. Treating others with respect and showing them that you genuinely care about their well-being can go a long way in life. It makes you more appealing to everyone around. They’ll want to stay friends with you and they’ll care about you and your business and want it to succeed. Putting all monetary value aside, this will give you a better outlook on life and help you enjoy it more. It makes the bad seem less important and the good seems to thrive.

Do nice things for people because you want to, not because you are trying to gain something from them. Matthew 25:31-46 states…

“When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne. Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left. Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”

Being genuine and caring for others are what God intends for us to do on a daily basis and not because we want something in return. He sacrificed his only son so that we may live in His kingdom. Can we not show generosity and kindness to someone just for the sake of it?

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Steve’s Schussler’s “It’s a Jungle in There” week 7

In chapter 17 of Steve Schussler’s book “It’s a Jungle in There” he talks about changing a “No” to a “Yes” in the business world. The author goes into detail about how we need to always prepare ourselves for a “No.” Schussler discusses five tips when reacting to the inevitable answer.

1. You can’t be shocked or crush when you hear the word no because you will hear it, no matter how good you are.
2. You should think of no as a “four-letter word”- something you hate to hear and are loathe to accept
3. You can’t get discouraged and give up when the no word is uttered.
4. You need to believe you can change no into a yes with the proper aptitude and effort.
5. You need to have faith in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.

Reading this chapter also lets you know to be careful when being told a no. You don’t want to take it to the point where you end up burning bridges because you pushed too hard. You have to be able to tell the difference between a conditional no and a final no. It comes with experience so it may take a few tries to get it right.

This chapter lets us know that sometimes in life we aren’t always going to get what we want or deserve but it’s that extra effort the second or third time around that could get us the results we want. I mean Schussler rented a crane and hoisted himself six stories high just so he could get that yes. If that’s not persistence I don’t know what is. Sometimes you really have to go the extra mile to get the things you want the most.

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International Operations

How has the high tech industry facilitated international selling opportunities for small business?

Note, that the Internet is only one aspect of the high tech industry.  Explain your answer.

Small businesses now have the ability to compete internationally against large corporations through the advancement of the technology industry. Through services like Skype, email, and the internet we can now establish ourselves as competitors to the big dogs who have ran the business world for decades.

Tools such as Skype and email allow us to communicate visually and textually to businesses and consumers all around the world. It reduces costs enormously and we can even do it from the freedom of our own homes!

The Internet has changed our generation and the way we live; whether it’s socially, economically, mentally, and even physically. The customers can now be reached electronically which gives them the freedom to make a purchase at any time day or night. It allows us to make ourselves present without even having to step foot on a plane.

Paying for things is easier than ever! There are more reliable and trustworthy payment systems in place to allow us to electronically pay for our item.

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Production Management

Consider the viability of small business production in the US today. Since so much manufacturing has left the US, how can a small business be successful in manufacturing in the US today? Or, do you think that it is impossible?

In the US today, manufacturing is making a comeback that will be talked about for ages! I can see it now as being described as the stepping stone for America to rise from our debt…but that will be years from now. “Made in America” is a campaign that has started here in our country and is continuing to grow! It’s becoming more and more popular to buy products that are made in our homeland instead of overseas. I do believe that it is possible for a small business to be successful in manufacturing in the US because of this. It is becoming more and more expensive to have products made and assembled overseas nowadays. The costs of shipping are going up, pay wages are increasing overseas, and frankly quality of the product is decreasing.
Now is the time when the small business owner can take advantage of the “Made in America” market and become successful at it. Consumers are looking for these products every day even though they might cost a few dollars more; the “Made in America” tag to them seems to be worth it.

Discuss an example which you have experienced or witnessed where quality control has gone awry.
In the job I work in now we deal a lot with appliances and the delivery of them. Well we kept receiving complaints about our products being damaged either upon delivery or once installed. Well before the product leaves our store we make sure to check them over for any dings/dents/scrapes or any part that’s not working. Come to find out it’s usually with the products being delivered at the end of the day. Our drivers are getting tired from the day’s work and want to hurry back. Well in the process they are becoming careless with the product and damaging it either taking it out of the truck or bringing it into the customer’s house. Well it’s costing us money by having to replace the product for free and then sell the damaged one at a reduced price.

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Fraud and Accounts Receivable Management

Explain the scope of fraud and why it impacts small businesses to a greater extent than large businesses. What should the owners or managers do to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place? defines fraud as “A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.”

Fraud tends to cause way more damage to businesses that operate on a smaller scale simply because they don’t have enough resources to handle it. Their cliental base isn’t very large to start with and dealing with such a small scope of customers makes it tougher to handle the scandal. It can scar the company permanently once word gets out and cause you to lose the trust of your customers.

Smaller businesses most often do not have systems in place to flag fraud or prevent it; it simply cost too much. Larger corporations can afford to hire employees who “check-over” others work and production; whereas this responsibility would solely rely on the owner of the business to tend too.

Tips and Tricks

There are a few way‘s that small business owners can employ to help better protect themselves against fraud.

  • Pay attention to detail

Take the extra time to look at the detail of what went on throughout the day. It may just end up saving your business

  • Look into insurance plans

There are plans out there for small businesses to help protect them against fraud.

  • Incorporate policies and a training program.

Instruct your employees on what fraud is and how it can damage your business. Explain your policies and procedures to your employees so that can better understand how to prevent and detect fraud.


Accounts Receivable Management

How does the extensive use of credit cards by their customers affect small businesses?

The extensive use of credit cards can have a negative effect on small businesses. When the customer uses their card there is usually a processing fee in place that the company will have to “eat” or increase the price of the product for it. Also, customers tend to make a legit purchase and then complain to the credit card company that they never made the purchase which in turn can lead to the customer being reimbursed for a legitimate sell and then the small business is screwed.

Describe three kinds of credit accounts in which a company can use to support its credit sales.

Installment Credit

-You borrow money and promise to repay in predetermined amounts over a specific period of time.

Revolving Credit

-You borrow a pre-established amount repeatedly as long as your account is in good standing.  You repay the amount borrowed in full or make a partial payment that is subject to interest and/or fees.

Open Credit

-All money borrowed must be repaid in full every month.


Explain the four C’s of credit. Which is the most important and why?

When a bank looks into giving out a loan they ask a few questions first. The questions they ask are called the Four C’s of credit.

  • Character

This defines the credit history of the person asking for the loan. Have they made previous payments on time? Were there any late/no payments? What’s the total debt of the customer like?

  • Capacity

Refers the ability of the person/business to be able to generate revenue to pay back the loan.

  • Collateral

The cash and personal assets the business owner sets in place to secure the loan. They often require collateral because they want the business owner to hurt if the business fails. It gives the owner more initiative to make sure the business survives.

  • Capital

This refers to the capital assets of the business such as product inventory, any equipment /furniture owned by the business. If the business folds then the bank is responsible for these assets. They usually end up at a liquidation sale or something of that nature. Banks prefer to deal with cash assets so they can avoid these types of responsibilities.

I believe the most important factor would be the Character aspect. It allows the bank to find out who they are dealing with directly. The other C’s fall into place and tend to follow the same line once you find out the character aspect.

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